Braw Craic & Vackra Ställen

Translated...Good conversations [Scots] & beautiful places [Swedish] It’s hard to believe a year passed so quickly and this blog has suffered somewhat so time to catch up! We have had a super year of Scots-Scandi interaction so here are some of the highlights, both from Sweden and Scotland culminating in a memorable stay at Wallby Säteri. VisitSweden arrived with a delegation of business owners from the hospitality industry and visited our food studio along with other venues across Central Belt and…

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Festive Times in Småland

Not only us love a good meal! In the height of summer, when blossoms are fragrant and lakes shimmer in the sun, Swedes everywhere check their diaries and decide when they will meet up for Julbord (Christmas Table)! I truly love this Scandinavian feast and embrace it! Rather than a frenzied few days of turkey, stuffing and leftovers, Swedes arrange a family weekend early in December before shops, traffic et al is manic. Given the numbers involved, these days most book hotels…

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Fäbod Cheese Travels

A road trip to stock up on fäbod cheeses is always an opportunity to explore and this time was no exception. On our way north we stayed at Åsengården with panoramic views over Lake Siljan and had a wonderful al fresco picnic with family we arranged to meet whilst there. Åsengården was an interesting choice as we had come upon it a couple of years ago when all locked up and on the market. It is adjacent to a well-preserved hamlet of fäbod…

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Fjällnära in Dalarna

It is a sweltering day in May. Three weeks ago there was snow in Dalarna and now it is 25 degrees. Spring passed in a wink and blossoms are already in full bloom. We are here for the AGM’s of the Fjällnära cows of which Bosse is Vice Chair, and the old landrace goats. On our eight hour journey north to the northern region of southern Sweden (work that one out!) we paused at an excellent café we recalled from…

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Semlor Time!

As all Swedes know it’s the season for Semlor and we love them too! I have just run a Hygge course here in Scotland for enthusiastic Scandi fans and had a super time with them. They also made a fruit bread ring, ost bröd, roasted vegetables with dumplings and steamed puddings. Although the sun blazed in the windows of our studio it was a sharp frosty day and perfect for mysig cooking. Semlor are a particular winner as they are unlike…

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