Herring for Health. Stekt Sill – Fried Herring

We love our fish’n’chips in Scotland but do we give other maritime morsels a sufficient chance? Undoubtedly not! Our velvet crabs and spoots (razor clams) speed off to Spain, and that Cataplana you enjoyed in Portugal was probably brimming with Scottish landed shellfish! There is little so satisfying as a dressed Fife crab in season straight from the quay and we have all heard of the Pittenweem prawn!

I recall years ago there was an entertaining article in the press about an Orkney doctor. He was fair scunnered (fed up) with his continuous stream of patients with snuffles and sneezes, wabbit (tired out) and whining, expecting a magic potion from him for their ills. Frustrated and reluctant to prescribe medication he considered unnecessary, he famously wrote on prescriptions ‘eat more herring!’ and caused quite a stir!

So with this in mind today’s dish is a Swedish specialty, delicious fried herring, Stekt Sill. Sandwich together 2 seasoned boneless fillets with a generous nugget of chive or dill butter then egg and crumb the result, twice. Be sure to use your own wholemeal/sourdough breadcrumbs for a delectable result. Pan fry on both sides in local rapeseed oil until crumb is well toasted and herring cooked through. These are delicious, meltingly moist in the middle and crispy on the outside. Served with potatoes and/or salad, scattered with dandelion petals and enjoy your healthy herring!


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Herring for Health. Stekt Sill – Fried Herring