We’ll Meet Again!

It’s strange not seeing our family, friends and Småland torp for such a while in these unprecedented times. Thanks to phone and internet we can all keep in touch but needless to say we miss the hugs and shared meals, the small chat and family events. Farming friends are busy with lambing and calving, as they are here in Scotland, and although restaurants and cafés are open for business in Sweden unlike Scotland, such business is currently a shadow of its former self. My cousin is unable to visit Finland to see family as its borders are closed and our favourite fäbod will not be opening this year. We shall need to visit and buy double the cheese next year! Sad times indeed… but first things first…#staysafe.

potato patch, gooseberries, apple trees…

Our torp is receiving tender loving care from one of our family living nearby, currently adopting it as her personal allotment and we are delighted that there will be vegetables growing and she is enjoying the fresh air and restorative powers of tending the soil in these stressful times. 

forest grazing

We worry for members of our family in the nursing profession who, like many Scots, in Winston Churchill’s words “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” I hope Swedish politicians will take note and also appreciate the work of local food producers, who are Sweden’s answer to food security, and the importance of food sovereignty. Enthralled by big business and illogical damaging regulations, politicians are killing off sustainable agriculture in a country famous for its green credentials and democracy. Take care Sweden – we love you so don’t spoil it!

Småland landscape

For a glorious natural destination post #lockdown for Swedish staycations, look no further than Småland for friendly locals, wonderful food producers, forests, lakes and small farms. Famous for hundreds of miles of safe cycleways, ancient history, avant-garde glass designs, crafts and a rich culture for every age group, you can stay in graceful manor houses, red cottages or camp in nature.  


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We’ll Meet Again!