Semlor Time!

As all Swedes know it’s the season for Semlor and we love them too!

I have just run a Hygge course here in Scotland for enthusiastic Scandi fans and had a super time with them. They also made a fruit bread ring, ost bröd, roasted vegetables with dumplings and steamed puddings. Although the sun blazed in the windows of our studio it was a sharp frosty day and perfect for mysig cooking.

Semlor are a particular winner as they are unlike anything in Scotland and when made traditionally with fresh mandelmassa they are hard to beat. Here we currently have the Rebecka Martinsson Arctic Murders on TV so discussion whilst baking revolved around Kiruna , the Ice Hotel and the incredible landscape of the arctic north.

Courses at Scottish Studio range from Cheese Lovers to Fika; Slow Food Ark of Taste to Croft Cooking so
take your pick or get in touch to discuss other options. Hope to see you there one day. Book online at



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Semlor Time!