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Brimi Seter, Lom, Norway

Sheiling in Scots, Seter/Saeter in Norway, Fäbod in Sweden and Alm across the Alps, means seasonal mountain pasture; places where families drove their grazing cattle from valleys in the winter to sweet mountain summer pastures. Traditionally a delicious seasonal cheese was made whilst they were there, unique to each area, terroir, for feeding the family over the winter months, sold at market and nowadays appreciated by locals and tourists alike.

Sadly, thanks to the highland clearances in Scotland, we no longer have such places; in Sweden they are rare; in Norway and Alpine regions they have thankfully survived long enough to be appreciated again and should be cherished. Definitive Slow Food and impossible to create elsewhere. As with all artisan handmade cheeses, it belongs to the distinctive meadow grazed, the breed of animal and the skills of the cheesemaker.

Brimi has a lovely café where you can enjoy their soup, local creamy ‘porridge’ römme, cheese, waffles and a selection of meats and sausage, all produced at Brimi. The old wooden buildings are original and full of character, located high up from the valley floor by a loch. The café counter and farm shop are on the ground floor with seating outside and upstairs with a glass floor enabling you to see their dairy with cheese production below. There are even ‘berths’ in the eaves for overnight accommodation! This special place is becoming an increasingly popular destination yet the guys have successfully kept its original character – no mean feat. Summer opening times only.