Trivas på Råå

Fine dining in charming historic building in the beautiful coastal village of Råå on the outskirts of Helsingborg, easily accessed by regular bus service. Beautifully designed interior makes this fabulous venue a must to enjoy finest Skånsk produce with classic and innovative dishes.

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Flickorna Lundgren, Skäret

Such a pretty hamlet on the beautiful Kulla peninsula - a favourite with the Swedish King when in his summer residence at Sofiero and their tasty pastries, Vanilla Hearts, were the King's favourites! I can personally vouch for them as meltingly marvellous. You will be served a platter of goodies on a traditional Skånsk ashet. The old buildings are straight from a story book and coffee is served in beautiful copper kettles. A summer cafe, plus open briefly for Christmas so check opening hours.

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Bialitt Kaffestuga, Svalöv

Charming Kaffestuga (coffee cottage) is an absolute institution in Skåne. Swedish TV used it 50years ago for a long-running series, interviewing folk over a coffee in 'Kaffestuga Bialitt.' They still serve waffles, cakes, sandwiches and ice creams, all homemade, in a series of 'living rooms' within the old cottage walls. There are wood burning stoves, old kitchen equipment adorning the walls and real heritage wherever you look. There is a giant model of a white goose (their trademark) outside in case you need a guide! .

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