Mandelmanns, Simrishamn

Organic,Farm Shop & Cafe with impressive array of home grown fruit and vegetables, beautiful ponds with ducks and geese, hens forage under trees and streams filled with watercress. A delight to all the senses. Gustav and Marie.are well known and have a great passion for great food.

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Gunnarshögs Gård Cafe, Hammenhög

Light and airy cafe on the Gunnarshögs rapeseed oil estate. Attractive courtyard complex with shop. Soups, beautiful savoury pastries and tasty chilled desserts, Shop for oils and soaps.

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Olof Viktors, Glemminge

Olof Viktors, Glemminge

Wonderful bakery and café. Artisan bakery uses traditional methods and a wood-fired stone oven. Light airy café with modern art on sale and comfy traditional Swedish seating. Brainchild of famous chef, writer, and gourmet advocate of Slow Food, Jan Hedh.

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Kåseberga Fisk, Ales Stenar

Tiny hamlet with amazing fish shop-people come from far and wide to this waterfront shop. They also have seafood salads and an array of cured herring. Customers leave heavily laden!

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